Out in weather

Its been raining hard, waves of storms have been passing through the region for the past day and there’s a 500km bike race through some of the most remote parts of the Kootenay’s going on. Hoping to see a few of my buddies pass through I watched their SPOT for the day and timed my ride […]

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Whats in that bag doc …

2012, end of a TransRockies Day.1  I found myself in hospital hooked up to a bag.  Within 15 minutes I changed my mind from quitting the TR to – okay I’m good, lets eat, get to the river, soak and prep the bike for tomorrow.   I believe that bag is a bag of Hartmanns, I was given 1 bag […]

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#2015 Here we go

This is me July 2007 Worlds, destroyed, defeated, lots of questions, sum ting wong. I`m 7 years down the track from this guy and looking to better my best and throw down a world champion effort October 2015.  I know exactly what I have to do this year.               […]

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My 2014 Storify

2014 was a good year, worked hard, learnt new tricks, upped my game, still motivated. …. Thanks for your continued support: Swiftwick FTMBrand Straight-Line Crankbrothers Elk Valley Family Chiropractic Sugoi Giant Bicycles Maxxis Rudy Project Casa de la mongkeys Here’s my best of  2014 Storify . .

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At the point of cracking

“When you’re in the middle of a race and working hard it can be difficult to tell if the bargaining means that you are appropriately adjusting your goal or if it means that you are backing off because you’ve cracked” (Carrie Cheadle)   Carrie Cheadle’s snippet below flashed me back to bargaining at the last […]

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Canmore Twenty Four Hour

“Suffering is a state before our purification and wisdom is healed pain” – I’m hoping I will be in receivership of these for this twofour was all about enduring discomfort.   Results 40+ category 3rd place, 17 laps, 300km, 26,000ft gain, 2 crashes, 1 mechanical, 1 failed light battery.             […]

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2014 Fernie3 – Stage2

Our trails have flow, but when setting a route its not really the trails that create the perception of flow its the connectors to the trails that helps continue flow, so we are looking at the finer details of the riding path at the Fernie3 (Event Director Dan Savage)   Stage2 Start Sunday June 29th, […]

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2014 Fernie3 – Stage1

I love a flowy start to races with a gradual narrowing of the initial path and a gradual elevation gain to make the front group selection, its nicer for everyone (Martin Vale, Fernie3 Race Director)   Stage1 Start Saturday June 28th, start at 9AM   Route by GPS Talking to race direction their motivation is […]

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